Down-to-earth & flexible

The history of the company starts around 1924. Around this year, my great-grandfather G.M. Prins started as a nurseryman. Together with his family, he founded a company on Engelselaan. As a grower, he mainly grew flower bulbs, tobacco and beans. My great-grandfather had a son and two daughters. The Second World War was a bad time for trade. Trade was completely cut off. When the war ended in 1945, they could re-start with the bulb business. After the war, his son Wim took over the company.

Wim continued growing tulips and daffodils and decided to export his own bulbs abroad. He took his bike and cycled to Hoek van Holland and from there he took the boat to England. There he managed to acquire customers to whom he could sell his bulbs. He built W.P.C Prins into a flourishing export company. Wim was in the bulb business with all his heart. Wim also had a son and two daughters.

Eventually, son John followed in his father’s footsteps. Together with his wife Ellen, John built the company into a successful family business. John and Ellen also had a son and two daughters. John now works together with Jeffrey and Kelly in the company. As the 4th generation, Jeffrey and Kelly want to continue the company.

W.P.C Prins is a beautiful family company that no other company with so much experience and knowledge can compete with.